Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rasmussen: People Trust the GOP More on Every Issue

Via Rasmussen

Conservatives are fond of saying that this is a "center-right" country. From the looks of these numbers and some of the other numbers on the page I linked to up there, this isn't a "center-right" country. It's almost completely right.

Just look at the results when people are asked about taxes.

Tax Increases Help or Hurt Economy? Help: 19% Hurt: 56%
Tax Cuts Help or Hurt Economy? Help: 57% Hurt: 16%
Increases in Gov't Spending Help or Hurt Economy? Help: 24% Hurt: 55%
Decreases in Gov't Spending Help or Hurt Economy? Help: 49% Hurt: 26%

So why can't the GOP convert some of these sentiments into actual wins in elections?

Here's why: The GOP, for some inexplicable reason, thinks they can win more votes by being more centrist. But look at the numbers. If everyone voted the way they responded to this poll, the GOP should be winning landslides every time they go out.

The problem is not that the country has become more liberal; it's that the Republican party has.

Give the country unabashedly conservative candidates and the Republicans will win elections. Do it not, and Republicans will continue in this death-spiral until the liberals screw everything up so badly that people have no choice but to vote Republican.

Last time we took that approach, Democrats controlled the house for 40 years. Are we really ready to go down that road again?

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