Thursday, November 19, 2009

John Kerry's Daughter Arrested for a DUI - AKA Sen. Kerry is Such a Hypocrite

The title alone is bound to get me some hate tweets from the left. You should have seen some of the tweets they sent me when I wondered aloud whether Obama or Roe v. Wade was to blame for George Tiller's murder and when I made the argument that Obama was to blame for the shooting that occurred at the DC Holocaust Memorial. But I'll go ahead and say it anyway.

Alexandra Forbes Kerry, Sen. John Kerry's daughter, was arrested for a DUI last night and this makes John Kerry a hypocrite.

Wait. What? How is John Kerry shown to be a hypocrite when it was his daughter driving under the influence of alcohol? You're just not thinking like a liberal. What could be more hypocritical than a lawmaker's daughter breaking the law?

Before you claim that it's unfair to pin this on John Kerry, remember two words: Bristol Palin. The left claimed that Bristol's pregnancy illustrated hypocrisy on the part of Sarah Palin because Sarah is a proponent of abstinence education and, her unwed daughter got pregnant. If this was enough to earn Sarah Palin the label of "hypocrite," how is a law-maker's daughter becoming a law-breaker any different?

The definition of hypocrisy on the left is skewed anyway. The left has called Carrie Prejean a hypocrite since news leaked that she made a sex erotic tape in the past.

Dan Calabrese (via Hot Air) explains how hypocrisy works on the left using Prejean as an example:

"You and I think hypocrisy is when you say one thing and do another. Prejean upset the likes of Perez Hilton by saying that marriage is between a man and a woman. So what would make her a hypocrite? If she married another woman, of course. (Or if she, say, performed a wedding ceremony between the aforementioned Mr. Hilton and, er, maybe, Jon Gosselin.)

Then she would be a hypocrite as you and I define it. But that’s not the definition that applies here.

The definition that applies here works like this: She is a conservative and a Christian. Conservatives and Christians are judgmental prudes who a) claim to be perfect; and b) judge everyone else for not being perfect. So it doesn’t matter that she never denounced topless photos. It doesn’t matter that she never denounced “sex tapes.” Every prudish, judgmental belief that has ever been imagined by a critic of Christians and conservatives is hereby ascribed to Carrie Prejean. Anything she has ever done in contradiction of these imagined beliefs thereby proves her hypocrisy.

Conclusion: Gay marriage is awesome. And all because TMZ has a video of Carrie Prejean masturbating. It’s good to be alive."

So it doesn't matter what a person does or even if that person did something, you can still accuse them of hypocrisy as long as it is tangentially related to them either by family or through percieve ideological identification.

On both grounds, allow me to go on-record and accuse Senator John Kerry of being a hypocrite in light of his daughter's recent DUI.

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