Monday, December 28, 2009

Napolitano: "The System Worked," but "The System Failed Miserably"

"The system, once the incident had occurred, the system worked." So hey relax, everyone. The system worked perfectly after the bomb failed to get all explodey because of some kind of faulty detonator. The nice thing about Janet Napolitano's choice of words is that the statement probably still would have been true had the Detroit landscape been scattered with 289 dead bodies on Christmas Day. "Once the incident had occurred, the system worked." Yeah, well, "Once the incident had occurred" the system doesn't matter so much, does it?

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"Out of context" is the shield behind which many a politico hide after saying something stupid. The scary thing is this time we're not talking about Joe-Biden-level-stupid, we're talking about the safety of any non-radical-Muslim boarding any airplane in the world.

Thankfully we can all rest assured that after any future incidents occur, the Department of Homeland Security will be all over that. Before any future incidents occur, well, America, you're on your own.

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