Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ray Stevens Takes on Obamacare

Ray Stevens is one of those guys who writes songs that are kind of ridiculous sometimes. He's nowhere near the genius of Weird Al, but he still has some timelessly awesome songs. Considering political shifts, this one falls short of timeless, but it hits awesome with a surgical strike.

In case you miss the reference of the pacemaker vs. pain pill at the beginning of the video, Obama can fill you in. Watch the video.


  1. I can't see or hear a comparison in Ray Stevens and Weird Al. Ray Stevens is so versatile in so many different areas of entertainment,video's,musical compositions, instrumentals, both serious and comical just to name a few of his talents. Maybe after Weird Al is in the entertainment business successfully for 50 years like Ray Stevens your statement might be substantial. As for now I speak for many when I say that Weird Al doesn't have the qualifications to dethrone the great Ray Stevens.

  2. The comparison between Ray and Weird Al is silly. Weird Al is funny in his own way. He does song parodies and sometimes he sings songs not based on other material but by and large Weird Al's reputation lies within song parodies. I'm not a Weird Al expert but I think his initial claim to fame in the mainstream was a music video on MTV parodying Michael Jackson? "Eat It"? It was either that parody or "Like a Surgeon"...don't know which one came first.

    To say that Ray Stevens is "nowhere near the genius Weird Al is" I'd first like to see some examples to back up that kind of comment.

    What is your idea of a genius?

    Selling a lot of comedy albums doesn't make one a genius. Sales is icing on the cake but it doesn't mean one is a genius.

    Again, I'm no expert in Weird Al and I'm sure he's talented in the recording studio as well...but is his versatile? Can Weird Al write and sing non-comical songs with equal conviction?

    A lot of Ray's incredible talents are hidden on songs that the public at large hasn't heard and the reason is because the consumers insist/expect to hear comical songs from Ray.

    quote: "Ray Stevens is one of those guys who writes songs that are kind of ridiculous sometimes."

    What songs has Weird Al sang that aren't ridiculous?

    Ray isn't "one of those guys" as if he's someone that came from nowhere and hasn't found himself yet. He's been in the music business for over 50 a writer, singer, songwriter, musician, music arranger, music publisher, music video attraction...

    It comes across as if you're writing Ray off as talentless and inferior. I honestly would like to know how much you know about Ray Stevens. Is it a couple of song titles? Are you familiar with his serious work other than "Everything Is Beautiful"?

    I'm just trying to understand why you place Weird Al in lofty genius praise and you marginalize Ray's career and talents that go far beyond singing comical songs.

  3. Majority rules, there you have it in a nut shell, which one do you think the squirrel saved for the winter?

  4. Wow! I had no idea Ray Stevens frequented my blog! Welcome!

    In all seriousness I know every word to tons of Ray Stevens' work, ("The Streak," "It's Me Again Margaret," "Sitting up With the Dead," "The Mississippi Squirrel Revival," "Ahab the Arab" just to name a few). I just think Weird Al's stuff is a whole lot funnier, that's all.

  5. no, no...Ray Stevens doesn't frequent your blog as far as I know...just a dedicated fan stumbled upon it. I came across it during a blog search.