Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Olbermann to Dallas Tea Party: "I have lots of black friends."

Who honestly thought Olbermann would respond to the Dallas Tea Party's invitation to attend their event on Saturday? Well he did, and, as expected, he declined.

This is the significant portion:
"that will probably be a surprise to one of our regular daytime news anchors and one of our nighttime newscasters, and the two part-time newscasters, and the dozen minority anchors and reporters who often join us from the broadcast NBC network, and the seven salaried contributors to MSNBC, to say nothing of the regular guests."

1 regular daytime news anchor
1 nighttime newscaster
2 part-time newscasters
12 anchors and reporters (from NBC, not MSNBC)
7 salaried contributors to MSNBC

These 23(!) people of color work for MSNBC (or NBC), yet not one of them appears on the MSNBC lineup.

Where are you hiding them, MSNBC? At the back of the network's bus? Do you give them their own lunch counter, too? Oooooo Too soon?

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