Monday, March 1, 2010

Lowly Blogger Gets Comment of the Week Mention on Daily Caller Story

According to The Daily Caller, CNN anchor Rick Sanchez has had a rough weekend reporting on the Chile earthquake. Here's just one clip of his struggle.

There are two more equally compelling clips of Sanchez's prowess as a news anchor. Read the rest of the post at The Daily Caller and at the bottom you'll find the DC Comment of the Week:

"DC comment of the week: Sanchez has always had trouble with distances. When he drove drunk and ran over that guy in 1990 he could have sworn he still had a good 9 meters before he hit him. "

That's-a mine! If you want more moderately witty comments, be sure to follow Advocate4Change on Twitter.

For background on the story, one must understand that while Rick Sanchez worked at WSVN in Miami, he ran over a man, Jeffrey Smuzinick, who was crossing the street. Sanchez quickly drove off because, well, drunk people make stupid decisions like that. 

Oh did I forget to mention that part? Rick Sanchez was drunk at the time of the hit-and-run accident that left a man mortally wounded on the street. Smuzinick was paralyzed, but he held on for a few years until he died at the age of 36 thanks to Rick Sanchez and his affinity for cocktails. The reason the police knew he was drunk was because Sanchez returned to the scene of the accident several hours later. His blood alcohol level was .15, so unless he had a few drinks at home before coming back to the render aid (a few hours later, mind you), one can only assume Sanchez was well beyond the legal limit of .10 when he originally struck Smuzinick.